Deprived Morbid Stratergy

Monday, May 26, 2008

Whether its the indigestion of the dinner consumed previous morning at 1 or the weather actually what the crowd usually seems to associate with Romance-shitism,Im totally low..on actions,on my work..

Almost till a month ago, i used to speak nonchanltly about my blog to everyone whom I came across,now its almost the other way around..I.F. pointed out that at the end of the day i wanted this..I so wanted myslef to be somelike Perez Hilton, a readership of some 1 million around the world and influencing them sounds so demure.
I.F. had her 17 birthday yesterday,as luck would have had it she was down with chickenpox or some viral rash.I had planned this surprise thing for her which went down with boils..

Still pondering on what I.F. said,its actually surreal. Again Im harping that sometime back,i wanted to get a little stint with journalism..without much effort i did an internship with the best media house in Delhi,NDTV Metronation..and won it by a great margin.So on top of the world..Before i could think of anything my Curricular in school also came the same way, i did a lot of emcee-ing job in school interschool competitions,with I.F. ofcourse and most surprisingly Noaina too..Immediately after that i managed to score some decent marks in Business..which is and would be a cause of tension for a brief time.

Additional responsibility in school as Eco Club Member did bring a significant change in me.Not only my temper started to be on my bought me down in social aspect of school life..People thought its Getting on My "Head" scenario.Few got away telling on my face that it'll be lonely on top..where i was getting.

Rave feeling took over on the onset of vacations..Village Cafe was great..the experience of visiting an almost hookah lounge in school uniform being suits with jacket attached and being constantly stared by every single visitor there didnt bring me down from ordering one drink and 3 girls sharing it together..

My Fingers are broken to the maximum..I can further exploit them to serve me according to my W's&F's and i would surely do it..What seemed like a great life from outside is getting over and through to me..My stuff getting published,,loads of peers are trying to be "me".No its not a thing of pride.No one would understand how it really feels when you see your work being reproduced in a similar fashion by people in cliques.Though initially it gives a kick which becomes rare in a while.
One example..earlier I used to be in trance after people appreciating my its become a routine way..Go publish ..sit back ,see the response..people cheer and give Hi5 ..Luck and Fuck Flying high..

Sour is how my posts will be now on..No intellectual philosophy behind it..Dry humour is vanishing...Sarcasm has taken a back seat/...i surely would never be a blogger on the same level as Perez HIlton but there are chances that i might as well get a back seat in life..get on the tested path..

Chances are i wont be as petrified as I'm right now..I read a few blogs today..Not the regular ones what i do ...those interns one what i religiously something eternally wierd,unsual..infact i lack the proper adjectives to be used..but they really touched my soul..

They were not regular writings like i do..although its for masses yet above the level..what i read is the reason what brings significant change in my stuff..
Comments if you wish to try and bring back the same level like before.

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