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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First thing first,I'm not really confident about the spelling for the be on the safer side i added both ,double T's and F's

So with my last post,i seemed to be getting lesser involved in my blog.Comments came from all most all where i expected.Amanat had audacity to tell me my posts sha'nt go in sync with the last one.Alas! life has to move on...

My latest obsession is practically wasting time and analysing stuff involving writing and their methodology analysis of the blogs i've come across which most definitely arent much in number..

Speaking of which I re-read all the posts for that "unusual" blog.It isnt exactly like the Riddle Diary though that people have to go for clues regarding how did it all make me go serious sound-like.With the Grace of Demonic Resurrection i was just craving some caffeine and that's all about that post..Its actually hillarious to the see the style of expressing blogs changing with every post.And the best part is I'm totally glued doing it..No hunger pangs attatched.

For all those of you,who are so genuinely ineterested in knowing how i basically analyse constitute about 1/7 of the total blog readership,so i wouldnt exactly waste my time again on explaining an in born art.An art which irritates my mum to the core and makes her shout on me,"Stop analysing things for a while".

Cause of worry for a while is my "AFTER 12 TALK".Totally appears as though I'm all geared for my admissions but I'm afraid its not till another year from now and the way my schedule is going maybe i wont just do anything after the result.Apparently my folks want me to get into some "GOOD"college which is most obviously near my place so that i dont have to travel much.Examples include L.S.R ,J.M.C ,Gargi in the list.Heck yes! even Amity.

On the contrary I'm a North Campus Kid.Though I've never been to that place,not even in the area surrounding it,yet i want to get there.All my life,its just now i decided i would get into any darn course even Philosophy Hons. from Stephen's if it happens but would kill to get there,it can be Psycology Hons,Philosophy or English Hons course,but has to be North Campus.And it has to be one of these 3..Journalism follows in PG maybe from Jamia.

Mum has a valid reason for once.Incase someday i have one class in the morning and another at afternoon or so i would neither be in a position to come back nor stay and actually watch time fly.And if its somewhere near by I could possibly pursue some short term thing here..Lets Hope its N.C. afterall..14 years i've spent in a place where My life sucked to the core..I dont want that to happen.The thought of it makes my finger crook and dead,lifeless.

I'm craving tea for so long that it just might actually result in my death..Shit,i cant really believe but i havent had a single cup since morning..even attended my class without having one..That's News out here.

My classes are another cause of concern.They remind me of playing Monopoly in 5 grade.Do Not Cross.Pay $559783 or some stuff.Its like restricted, the undertstanding part of it to a certain limit.Heck! Half a Flying Fuck is added to my luck,There is a major test tomorrow to speak of. Analysis of financial statement is lying like a corpse in front of me,right under the deep eccentricities of pillow.

I dont know anything,perhaps from cash flow but cant help being more happy that its the last class for the while,My real Vacations begin this friday.In anticipation to that i havent done anything all this day apart from being online,checking out "Papa's" Pictures*winks to the person who knows PAPA* and many other random pictures of some old and new crushes..Basically for once trying to take out that song "Take me away" Freaky Friday's sound track from my head, which has Lilo faking Bass[:X].

Yea so i finally have my cuppa in front of me..Inviting to go deep down in me...
Slurp,I can hear chorus to "stairway to heaven".

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  1. hey..sup..?
    that 'craving caffine' came from freaky friday right??;)
    neway..i dint knw u minded tat much wen i said tat ur post dosent go wit the rest of ur blog..relly sowie!
    neway..wts new..?
    m curently wrking on a list.
    '10 things to do before i turn 18'! lol..ill post it on the blog as soon as i figure it out.
    p.s. relly liked this ur style of writing simese sistah!:D

  2. i crave caffeine in any form..tea n coffee to elaborate..maybe cocoa at certain times....since hooked on to it...minimum 2 cups everyday to survive....mentioning Freaky friday made it more apparent..
    Hell No! i didnt mind even for was kinda eye i didnt want to copy his style temme is it true or just to try n make up dat dis style is btr or old one?


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