Whose, Fool?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Today, Is a Historic day, not only because it is 1 april and April Fool's Day but because today it's Fred and George Weasley's Birthday.[This is no Trick,Check out Google or refer to Hp's if you damn dont believe me.

So i heard this little anecdote about my cousin[s] (they are twins,my first cousins,exactly a year and 2 days younger to me) from my mum, she incidentally heard it from my aunt ,who had heard directly from her sister,who is again my aunt [Chinese Whisper anyone?]. Not that the story is twisted or stuff , but it is very Funny, atleast i found so.

My aunt ,uncle and my cousin[s] are on the way of shifting their base from Bengaluru to Cochin. My cousin[s] just gave their H.S.C. exams and are not really nostalgic about leaving. One of their mutual friend decided to stop by and give them a farewell gift , they were obviously moved by the gesture, not before they realised,she has helped herself carrying one of their Lip Gloss ,a high shine gloss with a tint of pink which costs a few hundred bucks..

[Now i am sure if any guy is reading this he wont realize the importance of a Lip Gloss in a girl's Life..

When they realised this ,they got really frantic [Told you they are My Cousins], Crying, Accusing,betrayed they asked my aunt [i.e. their mother]to help them... Finally without being able to come to a mutual understanding they both decided to go ,confront the girl telling her that to reciprocate her feelings they had also bought a gift that is Lip Gloss for her but since they had already lost it,so they cant give her anything, and considered all this stuff would make her go weak in her knees and she would finally confess and return it.

On reaching her place, they saw she had already put on that lip Gloss,they could control their vent and forgot all those lines they had rehersed and went on..

Cousin 2- What The Hell???? Tumne Laga Liya??

Kleptomaniac lass- Nai yaar, I just had Jalebi's ,that is why my lips are Pink!!!

Cousin 1- Acha??? We had no clue ki You are into binging on Pink Jalebi's!!!

Followed by a lot more.

Disappointed they came back ,bursting in some more tears...
This time My aunt kind of told them what to do so they went again, confronted her and coaxed her to return , or otherwise they'd tell that to her parents and all their friends before leaving. Scared to death , She returned and Apologised.

No wonder they are My Cousins..They know their way of getting their stuff..
Go On Gals!! I'm Proud Of You :D

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  1. lol....is cool,
    and ya..u were right...
    boys dont really realize the importance oof lip-gloss...i mean,atleast i dont...
    it was just a lip gloss !!!!!!!

    and yea...ur way of writin stuff iz amazin..really very witty,and humorous...read sum intelligent humor after a real loooong time !!
    do u mind if i link ur blog on mine ???

  2. *bows*


    well Lip Gloss are girls third Bff after Jeans and true Bff so this is the reason!!!

  3. lol...okay, i get that BFF relation.

    ya u're right.there r actuallly very few ppl who're into blogs...
    I,fr that matter prefer blogs to reading books...sersly !

    thanx a lot fr the appreciation.nd am sure no one else in the whole big world can hav the hyena laugh...lol..
    n yup,I'll link ur blog on mine then.
    thanxx !


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