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Friday, April 04, 2008

The Title of my blog seems to be Highly Intellectual, thanks to the intern me n I.F. did...[we were together for almost a week so you can well imagine!!] ...

No, its not I.F. who is responsible for all this but lately i am getting irritated [Yelp!], Frustrated and it is because people are really getting on my nerves...and by people i mean the so-called crowd which surrounds me in places i visit....

The other category consist of those homo sapiens who try and be friendly with me but unfortunately their attempts constantly fail and lead me to further irritation , because on one hand they kinda initiate a conversation ;but sadly they manage to piss me off....Here's a Blog dedicated to all those people and reasons why it irritates me,...

I am not a paper Princess ,a HM girl ; if only people can act appropriately upto their age ..I'd rather want you appreciate my cold behaviour than being friends with a git like you[ like i care?] and I'm sure none of them will read this cuz they are happy in their li'l Gavaarville

A questionnaire presented as an example as to what pisses me off the most currently..

Q1> You Have Hindi as Your sixth Subject?? Omg You study so much..!!!!

Potential Answer - yea geek, i study that much that i dropped maths after 10 and opted for a language..atleast I'm smarter than you are !!! you are currently doing what a zillion others are..I Am Not!!

Answer- No, its not the sixth subject, I opted for Hindi in the first Place. I felt it was a better option for me. It is in the place of maths.

Q2> Gosh! Why did you take Hindi../I had no clue that Hindi still exists...??

Potential Answer - Hahahhahahaa i knew an ass like you would'nt know that much hahahaaaaaaa... and its your ignorance not my problem...hahahahaaaaa what will you do taking maths ?? walking on the road no one would bother asking you , "What is the probability of morons that will come across me ,you looser" or how about "What is the trigonometric ratio of hamburger?".. . Go on now answer that.

Answer- If only you were aware.. Yes Hindi is still alive in 12 .. Thank you very much...and there are courses like Hindi Hons. which i reckon you wouldn know, fetch big bucks in future.. and i opted for it since i want to do journalism.

Q3> Omg I love your Hair!! Which Oil do you use??

Potential Answer - Dude, seriously i DONT USE OIL in my scalp..i think it tastes better when you have french fries made from them.

Answer - No , I havent touched Oil for my hair in the last 10 years possible..maybe 12....I'm not sure..

Q4> Then how come your hair ARE so nice/shiny/silky/long etc....

Potential Answer- I use Blood... O+ve.. Happy??

Answer - Its in my genes..both maternal and paternal...we have history of beautiful hair...[lol u J!!!!].and honestly i dont give them any prefrential treatment.. I swear i dont..

Q5> Ok, Comeon now atleast say which shampoo??

Potential Answer- Get lost you Moron!!

Answer- Whatever is in the loo.

Q6> I know you are dating!!!

Potential Answer- Oh wow!! So that saves me from all the pain to threaten you...Oxymoron

Answer-Dude, is this a question , statement ,answer,theory ?? Please tell me. btw what has it got to do with you..???

Q7> Who are you seeing currently??

Potential Answer - Since you are blocking my way i cant see much but a Hairy Dim Witted Monster in sight who is throwing the most pathetic question in the history of Conversations..Seriously Get a life..

Answer- I am single and unavailable.

Q8> What are you carrying for tiffin today??

Potential Answer- Shark's Fins Soup.. Fancy having some??

Answer- i Dont know...and I am not sharing it either.. Btw what have you got??

Q9>Why dont you get your hair cut in some funky style..??I'm sure It will suit you..

Potential Answer- Oh damn!!! Now since you've suggested..i need to get it done..afterall you are the hairy queen /king of the universe..without your help i wont exsist..

Answer- That's 'cuz i like it this way..long...and i hate if they come on my face or eye..so no fringes, bangs,flicks..etc

Q10> What is Blogging??/

Potential Answer - It is a very serious issue between Hitler and Alexander.. Naplolean wants a new country instead of Greece Called Blogs..If his wishes are not fulfilled within a week from now Julius Caesar will kill all anti-bloggers...this whole scenario is called blogs and i do support blogging.. Now it has become my hobby/passion to recruit people for the cause of it..

Answer - Umm Ok...You dont know?? forget...its *complicated*...

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  1. hey...
    lonnng tym...sup?
    lol omg! as usual..lovve ur blog...whose pissing u off so much hun?hehehe..neway relly funnny!
    yeah kinda busy these days tutions n stuff will get back to u on the weekend...nyt!

  2. Well the frequency of asking these lame questions are increasing day by day....i have to answer atleast 4 such questions everywhere..so i thought let me dedicate a blog to all this nonsense...well yea funny enough..!!!!

  3. Lollll!
    Funny post !
    Loved all the "potential answers" !!


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