Trapped in a lane

Saturday, March 01, 2008

I dunno since morning i feel like an utter lukhhi in life..Got nothing to do[finals are over and there is no provision for re-test in my skewl and extra classes start from 10 march..] looser frenz ,..well one of them eats out so frequently that she has got ulcers in her belly and shez running in and around hospitals[an ode to her, we cancelled our last day lunch],all my tuition pals are either giving their exams and some are off to Egypt or well maybe timbucktoo...T.V. i thought would be a comforter but it has flicks like Bin Phere Hum tere or even ones like chor aur mali absolutely nothing to do...the only reason for my existence is my sis is away and i will join her on tuesday at my cousins basically i'm dreaming all day..thinking of those horrifying times when i gave my boards last year,,,my school [sic] trip to dalhousie,jodhpur ,jaisalmer my class teacher ruined my sweet 16 or how i was forced to play kho-kho semi finals and finals on my SUPER SWEET 16[some one ask my team who on earth asked them to win that ruddy game just for a spare bit of parchment named CERTIFICATE...on the lighter note i am terribly missin' maggi mania[samajdar ko ishaara kaafi and i have given TWO words]..

Last year on our trip to dalhousie was actually the last time i saw tn_a_hpster,srija dogg,utkarsha,gurleen,akanksha and perhaps few others who changed there skewl...Now my folks have never did such a
tanta of not allowing me for the trip but alas only if i would have listened to them ,that i wont be able to settle myself in a bus for 17 hours considering the fact that only time i travel in a bus is during skewl excursions and local sightseeing trips and being the month of may it was a non a/c bus so a total no-no....but my pallys includng non pallys convinced them and finally i was off to my journey....
we started at around 10pm from skewl and i had already taken my dinner at home[kebabs!] and brushed my yellow gleaming pearlies..and thought i'd probably doze off at around 2 am or so......hmm wrong.....well all the gals even after they had their dinner wid their folks had tiffins filled with aloo puri,rolls,burgers,chola bhtura..and countless no's of kurkure and aerated stuff....they continued to hogg till 12 at around that time the teachers switched off the one was in a mood to sleep ...few enthu' chicks started dancing in the moving bus[:?] and we stopped for the loo somewhre at karnal or i dunno sumwhre at sum dhaba...luckilly i didn want to go to the restroom but standing 150 mtrs away from there still made me feel puking right away due to stink.. some yuppies followed our bus for 5 hours...and here teachers and our princi ma'am suspected each one of us that:-
a-they are our guys[read boy[no-space]friends
b-they'll follow us till the destination
c-we called them to meet us
d-we came for the trip to meet them... interesting part is we were not allowed to carry CELLPHONES thats right not allowed but obviously i mean every one carried one away...
In the morning [i cant belive i survived my night in the bus without sleeping and not eating anything!] we stopped for our breakfast in the middle of nowhere[that was very very sick breakfast we had]..anyways rumour milled up that our eco teacher caught a 12 graders cell...after that the entire trip was filled with some or other kind of confiscation...confiscating LG chocolate, nokia-nseries,chargers...adding icing to the cake,i had food poisoning
On our first day of arrival we went to this nearby tibetan market shopaholics like us can shop any where, just need a my bud vishi had just lost her precious chocolate to my class teacher and to get over her depression we were all shopping for her[that's what you do when in depression shop till you drop that excess baggage]..over there me and aanchal found this hut like shop and some guy selling momo's and thukpa's...Now tell me who can resist delicious hot and tempting momo's we asked him for a plate of chicken over veg and pork ones.....once me and punj tried them our reaction was somewhat like...;-

me-dont they taste different from the ones available in Gk or alaknanda??
punji-huh yea kinda but i feel this is due to high altitude ..but they dont taste good na??
me-no science but either they are not fresh or they are authentic...

meanwhile we made couple of people have them but vishi resisted
vishi-yaar dont eat these sadak chaap you know you will fall sick...I'm not having them..
ananya-try kar le...not that bad....
when we were paying that uncle he charged us only rs20 same for vegetarian....
punji-uncle yeh 25 k nai hai kya??
uncle[in deep accent]- 25 k chicken wale hai...yeh mutton hai...

me-what ????we had mutton momo;s and he's selling them for same price as veg...dude there is something terribly wrong...
vishi- i told you dont try them out....!!!
me-f*cking shit man..!!!

next day our guide UNCLE was suppose to take us all to chamba...i wore my best pink top and uber sexy skinny capris and asked shikha to do my hair..[i didn know how to comb...even to untangle my hair]..and i looked like really cute ,very innocent kinds;)
after eating a breakfast of kacha bhatura's bland aloo sabji we started for chamba in our buses...on reaching chamba we had to walk for like 100 kilometres by foot to go to this heritage site...hmmm i thought wont be bad huh....but our heroic uncle didnt knw that chamba is shut on mondays and there was nothing in chamba to look around....GRRRRR our teachers,students and every1 was mad on top it all there was nothing around to eat and our bus didnt arrive till was that day Vishi and i became relle gud frenz...and talked non stop about shopping-Sid Mallya ,,more shopping and crushes...when we came back it was like 6pm and still no lunch was served..that is a different case we harassed kele-wala uncle so badly that he couldnt get over our hindi songs.....hmm

Next morning when i got up i had massive stomach ache..previous night we gave farewell party to barua and aopu in our room followed by fashion show in akanksha's room ...we aprtied all night....even last night i had puked but i took it casually thinking its coz of altitude but next morning i puked thrice and had stomach upset..i had run out of my stock of medicines and pompom gave me something relee bad some tab only ..result i again puked in vishi's loo.....and barua [cow ] was again hogging on vishi's pringles...well we headed to khajiar that day...that was suppose to be india's was really minus all that sheep shit there ....this time it was 7 girls in a tata sumo..and a teacher...i slept all through my journey courtesy nausea and steep turns...on reaching there i puked again n yet again ....the some wild sheeps started following yes i was feeling better once my class teacher gave me some nutmeg to eat but i couldnt really take part in any adventure activities there..
after coming back from there i crashed in my bed with no energy left...someone please bless my angel like roommates..Shikha n Mitashi...those chicks took off my me food in room[i was sleeping and didnt eat any] and called my principal...and those guys really helped me that day...then in the evening we were suppose to go for shopping...shikha and mishi both carried me [almost dragged me ]to that sicko of a market..somehow i felt better there and we had a surprise raat ko...a dj nite thing....hmmm well i again changed after coming back from hotel and then that night i danced for non stop 2 hrs in front of everyone including teachers and students...well i know sounds lunatic but i danced on every song .,,kajrare to dont be shy ,,,every track!!! lol..we all wanted to go back to our room but we had some sort of prayer meet....ok so lemme tell you that was the best part of the trip ..not that i was praying and stuff but it was more like interrogation b/w CIA and osama
what happend that Utkarsha's cell was caught and by that time teachers were sick of doin that...and her phone was on loud mode...first they asked us to sit on the ground and started praying...utkarsha was sitting next to me and we were both talking comfortablly right away and she was telling me about her phone.....then they started with usual prayers....and in the midst of all this her phone in some teachers purse kept ringing

I see you windin n grindin up on that pole,
I kno u see me lookin' at you and you already kno
I wanna F*ck you, you already know
I wanna F*ck you, you already know

[Snoop Dogg]
Money in the air as mo feel grad you by your coat tail take you to the motel, hoe sale,
Dont tell, wont tell, baby said I dont talk dogg but she told on me, oh well,
Take a picture wit me, what the flick gon do, baby stick to me & ima stick on u,
If u pick me then ima pick on you, d-o-double g and im here to put this dick on you,
I'm stuck on pussy n urs is right, wrip ridinin them poles and them doors is tight
And ima get me a shot for the end of the night cuz pussy is pussy and baby ur pussy for life.

and it rang for several hundred times till everyone became dead serious....our princi ma'am was really furious and was telling us all how we all have ruined the trip[gulp],how we called our guys[now that was unfair and rude and made us all singles feel like a bum] and how she would never organize any trip again..
after going through that and stuffing our dinner[read:bland dal and bland chawal and something which sounded like chilly chicken and tasted like fungus] we again had a sleepover and bitchy party in my room....invitees were Vishi,Yashika,pompom,ananya,akshita,mehak,rushna,neha,I.F.,divya,nishtha,and many others ,,,we had pillow fight over sid mallya,justin timberlake and other hotties,,menu was fun and nibbly : french fries from nearby confec shop,cookies,chips and coke..and then we talked endlessly about fall trends,shopping,luxury brands,guys and everything under the sun....

The day we were suppose to come back on our way a pally lost her super expensive cell and lot of cash after taking breakfast from that nowhere place....we couldnt report it to teachers since it wasnt allowed and we all frantically started looking for it under the uncomfy bus chairs in the moving bus...what we told our teacher that a lass has her earring and we all are looking for that! how lame ! then some super brainy chic rang her on her cell and it was Ringing! and we all could feel the vibration in the bus....
After a lot of drama and constant effort we found that my class teacher had that cell...she had found it in near the loo in the place where we stopped for breakfast.....wwhoooooo man! that incident shook us all...we got such a good scolding all throughout the way like never had we got such a scolding in our life..!! and the staff just stopped talking to us at all....
the gal who had lost her cell phone[pinks] was suppose to give the entire skewl a free meal at ludhiana mcd's and after 4 days i ahd the best meal....Chicken Mcgrill!! yummmm!!!!
[i got some fries and some other things packed for me and i paid for that!]
well through the entire journey we all wished to reach delhi asap and get over in our beds at 2 am in the morning away from dictatorship of school and teachers...but hey all that was an experience of a lifetime that none of us will ever forget!

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  1. well yeah annie dis iz 1 experience n01 will it wsnt dat bad!...espclly dt bhatt thingy!!..i wish i cud hv recorded dt!!..shud hv seen her face!..n rmbr dt sonu bhaiya tok???fatt gyi thi uski!!! summary gal!..add on bout dt cross connection raat ko b/w fonez..pinku clld me n ghanti baji teachrz room mei!

  2. oyee dat ghanti wala scene lol hahaa yea man dat was freaky!!!!!

    ps- sonu bhaiya wala inci was somefink man!!

  3. gal i'm seriously hurt. i fall in d category of many oders...........

    P.S- xept d shoppin,clothin,pukin,suspicious momos,confiscated cellphones,farewell party,fashion show,laddy mallya talky,freaky dancin,personalised frends turned 2 nurses parts i pretty much had d same experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Omg so do i!!
    lol saali u were a part of that crazy bitchy dunn deny that....when we were eating french fries..and talking[read bitching]..!!

  5. kya baat hain ani ekdam sexy n awesum must say it reminded me ov dose fun filled days..really amazing..luv ya yaar..!!


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