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Thursday, March 13, 2008

My 11 grade result is out. I passed all subjects with great margin. Got highest in english and hindi, 83 and 80 respectively in all sections.I would be awarded with Merit Certificate for the both. Accounts followed at 76. Surprisingly passed Business too,got 67 there,and 57 in economics. New books are scattered all over my room.
Ps-I got An "A" grade in my V.E.

Comments by my teachers:

Ma'am English-Emotional and Intellectual Side should be balanced. You are Unique in English.You can always achieve what you want.Sometimes you tend to get casual so that leads to very informal behaviour. You have the points but presentation and body language matters.

{ma'am harleen is leaving ..According to me she was the one the most brilliant teachers we've had..We'll miss you ma'am}

Ma'am Class Teacher-You seem to be loving Hindi?? Dont you?[Me-*shy* yes !!].You've done well in all other subjects.Yes sometimes you get very Casual, that is the reason you get C in Speech and deportment,[Me:?? [*thinking* Nahiiiii keh do ki yeh Jhooth hai!!!! *thinks* * rolls Eyes* this is true...My slangs come in the middle.]

Ma'am Hindi[went to meet her yesterday itself]-Tumne Acha kiya hai..Marks nai bataungi par tum dono ki distinction aayi hai[Me: OmG!!!! wow i love me! and my teachers!],tumhara content bhi acha tha..{me:ma'am paper bahut lamba tha..bahut time lag gaya} ,ab aadat daal lo ,itne hi lambe hote hai paper.Chalo Best Of Luck kal k LIye..

I'm Officialy a 12 Grader Now.
Boy, I've Grown up..

"Tough Times Lie ahead Harry.."

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