[Insert any Random Title] Running short of 'em

Monday, March 31, 2008

Bah! I am tired.

Bored and sick...

What better way to start my blog...

I dont understand why do i have such wierd encounters????

1- My Intern with this media house.The whole thing was a very fun filled experience[insert 7634 more cliched lines]. So we go for editing. While waiting in the reception area my sense organs started working efficiently and made me hungry..a little convo

moi-I.F. ya knw,i can [laughs like lunatic]{bad alliteration} smell Chicken Mc grill from somewhere...

I.F.-[Keeping hand over her face] Shut Up!!!! Receptionist is eating that..

Moi-even i want one!!!!

I.F.-[makes ugly faces]

This was just the begining ..... later we were about to well lets not say that here on my blog cuz the popularity is soaring and it would be a downright lie if i say that no one reads my blog[Oh poor you!!! dont worry people know you exist]

Never wear that lucky white Tshirt for your show's review even if it is the most luckiest you have..It'll make you look triple your size on Camera. Stick to Black.

Whenever you try to doze off in class make sure people around you know the concept of "Debtors and Creditors". Seriously people still dont know it :O

Chocolate Cookies are better than chocolates itself

Always check your mailbox the same time you reach home. You never know someone might be waiting for you on a Live Shoot from[insert a random news Channel].You'll end up regreting later

If you have hots for someone , Speak it..Even if its for your pally's Snoopy Pencil Box. I Confess Again..I'm in love with that Snoopy Pencil BOx for the umpteenth time.

You can always achieve what you aim.Even if its about being quiet for one whole remedial class.

You can Never probably turn your favourite teacher down if she is urging you to participate in that inter house english Extempore.The Only thing is dont screw it up saying
" ....Words ,,If they dont come to me now i may loose this competition but if i continue to speak like this i might as well stand a chance to win this competetion.William Wordsworth had the word "word" in his name.This is the reason he went on to become the biggest Nature Poets..See this is the power of words,words are life,everything is guided by words.."
if the topic is Power Of Words

Keep On demanding things..Dont stop..cuz if you do you'll end up waiting for that:-

oh-so-perfect pair of skinny jeans from Pepe.
A pair of sneakers from Adidas Originals
A pair of Crocs[ I dont care how many groups on facebook say Crocs make you look like a dumbass i still want them, it will be a break from always looking good, A dumbass yet classy]
Uber Smart Backpack from Nike
Sipper from Reebok
Return tickets for a trip to Shilong
Permission to attend a Cyanide Live
Rsj,Jlt and readers Digest subscription
Unaccustomed Earth's First Copy
Joining British Council for a short term Course
More STATIONERY items like Gel Pens
Unlimited and Uninterrupted Supply of Chips and Nachos

Finally i again fancy being Emcee for the main Interschool event at my school and Becoming House Captain last year.

Tell me is this much to ask , dream and aspire for???

If wishes were horses beggars would ride them

*Goes To Sleep*

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