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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

12,March,'08 21:15 pm
Dear Diary,
It was a very hectic day today..I had my last extra class.Subject teacher broke down the news that more than half the class is failing Business..lol well i dont lie but i know i am one of those Half..yeah big deal?! Well the point is not about failing but about giving the darned re-test which is again a speculation by students that any one failing a single subject will have to sit for a re-test starting from this year..the worst part is i dont even know the passing percentage..anyways my result is tomorrow so i wont screw up my night thinking about it.
I made a new documentary with I.F. again..which is well funny enough because I.F. was serious but did not sound so..we both plan to make a film by the end of this week ,lets see..
The surprising thing what happened today,I am not yet in 12 grade[as in my result isnt out as yet] and we already have completed one chapter in accounts..not even that i have to complete 123 questions,the whole chapter[because i was carrying a rough register throughout the days],then got a call from tuitions about my classes being prepone over there..and while i was chatting with Amanat again got a call and they called me at that time to begin with my classes..Had to rush immediately..Studied there for an hour..got 38 questions for homework to be completed by same night and had to call ma'am as soon as they were over,and 35 questions to be completed till monday..Irony of the situation ,I am not yet in 12..Technically still in 11 but i have already done over 200 accounting ratio questions in 3 days.Tomorrow its 12 accounts board exam..wish i could sit..
..And I am Enjoying all this pressure/multitasking/Studying/Channelising my energy ..Completed those 38 questions well within the time.

Geting really hungry ..i think kebAbs are for dinner.. ummm
will come back soon after completing 123 ques ..hungry as for now..
gud nyte[yawn] ,tc

"PS-This article bears no resemblence to the blogger..any info matched is purely coincidential

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  1. kebabs? hehe...m hungry now..!

  2. talk abt food...i had noodles,fried rice,chopsuey,chicken manchurian for lunch,after 2 hrs a frend n i had 24/7 ka hot dog,then came ovr to mah place drank juice had chips..dinner me deres galauti kebab,mutton korma n i dunno what else....im stuffing lik pigs

  3. man..m sooo J..ill go grab a pepsi n stuff sum chips..hehe..! so wen does skul begin?!

  4. Hey its national potato chips today..wishing u potatoes today and always lol....skewl strts frm 17 den all four days r off due to sum seminar and holi..practically skewl strts frm 24


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