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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Say Hello to the Not-so Newkid on the block: Cyanide...when the music starts you would not believe its this school band guys making it big....sounds very in the business like and this is the reason these guys are making it big out there in the rock circuit....[no my pooch's name is Circuit ,not rock Circuit]..I'll retract the claws and talk about their music instead.Rohan[Solomon] I have to admit is not as bad at the whole singing thing as I'd expected.His voice rather sounds muffled and young although it takes on a very masculine note when he gives voice modulations a shot.The bassist,guitarist and the drummer are another thing altogther.All up for good work...bassist is brilliant and knows what he's upto...Songs are about freedom and other causes and other than causes ,Girls.On second listen ,i picked ,Tomorrow[That's My personal Fave too!],punk-rocker-ish My bitch but honestly that doesnt say much 'bout girls ,Free- first saw it on ndtv.Amongst the covers Cry me a River by J.T. cannot be ignored...its one of their greatest and won many praises at Channel V Launchpad prelims..Beat It By Michael Jackson doesnt really work but then no one can really compete against him...Overall feel of the track is great.

Claim To Fame- Formed in 2001 and several lineup changes later, Cyanide has come a long way from playing in school assemblies to performing on some of the biggest stages this country has to offer for rock music.
The environment that brought the band together has allowed them to groom a sound that mirrors the best of Modern Rock and at the same time combining elements of a wide spectrum of genres varying from Nu Metal to 80's Rock n' Roll. The band has become popularly known for its signature crunching guitar riffs and pop choruses giving them a solid, melodic and powerful sound with all the right ingredients that define today's modern rock music.

Recent Gigs- . RSJ Rocktoberfest 2007 at Chinese and Thai Cafe' Gurgaon
. Foster Thursdaze at Chinese and Thai Cafe', Gurgaon
. Foster Thursdaze at Bennigans, Saket
. RSJ Pubrock Fest 2007 at Le Rock, Bangalore
. Channel [V] Launchpad finals, Hamshadhwani open air theater, Pragati Maidan.
. Channel [V] Launchpad prelims, Hard Rock Café - Mumbai
. Deadly Addiction, Soho - Ashoka Hotel

Band Members-
1. Rohan Solomon - Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
2. Bharat Bindal - Bass and backing vocals
3. Srijan Mahajan - Drums
4. Rohan Kale (Sinner) - Lead guitar
5. Anupam Roy - Sound Engineer

FYI- The guitarist I.E. Sinner AkA Rohan Kale is just 16.!! He is an 11 Grader at the time and is studying in SPV..[and if i say more he will probably hunt me down and kill me ..!!! so peace out dude!]

Factoid- This started off from Modern School,Bk.!!!!

Listen To It- If you are sick and tired of same old and boring crooning..
Miss It- If you arent accustomed to Rohan Solomon's style.

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  1. ahhh..rohan kale!<3..mwaahzz

  2. lol i knw...n again its dis connection thing.. i mean evn u lik him...chk him out playing.....adds to cuteness...hez one baby face assasin *Drools*


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