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Saturday, February 16, 2008

This one's particularly funny but i think Mr Ashok Ganguly should take a note of this....[Atleast i feel so..]

So we have this particular subject in school called "Value Education". Till Third grade the intituition used to call it Moral Science but after that they felt its more of value so that way...
The interesting part to it we are doin this since 1st grade and i personally thought "dude..maybe after 10 we'll get rid of this", but alas...Hmmmm our school thought we need MORE education in that value part so our very efficient and karma-yogi princi takes that class of ours...Hmm Sigh! arrrgghhhh wtf!!!!!!

hmm till 20 sumfink classes she never showed up ...huh yayayeee i was glad!!! she was busy but then one day all my clAssmates came running like lunatics,,heavy breathing "voh aa rahi haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"....well that was our first class...Since it was a last period we were all exhausted but then our guru told us to close our eyes n relax n she kept on blabbing on n on n on until bell went off and so did skewl buses but we were pallys had to run down till main road in order to catch skewl since that we found it more of prisoner of war period..anyways we had this half yearly exam for that subject too and apparently all those who took a leave were called for an extra hour after the last exam...and all what we talked[if ever we did in skewl in that period was spirituality n blah zzz zzz zzz zzz...

so after half yearlys we were introduced to these notes aka printouts by our arch nemesis which read somewhat like

Low Self Esteem High Self Esteem
take up responsibility avoid responsibility
respects authority rebel against authority
and so on till
understanding greedy

Like hello???? umm whatever..thought that was a limit but NO another biiigggggggggggg poem which was titled
Because i Love You....
and i am so tired that i cant speak much about that and 10 other leaflets....some enthu creatures from my class made paper origami outta it and stuck on the class cupboard or our favourite game of paper ball fight!!!

anyways before our FINAL VALUE EDUCATION EXAM we were handed with these sheets called " The Totally Developed person " and after a lot of fighting ,screaming i finally managed to lay hands on my was er umm well full of
Shiv Khera+Arindam Chaudhary+our princi+ i dunno wierd moral social emotional and agwd knows thing
Incidentally the exam was on 15 feb.which was prepond to 14 with our environmental education exam[yes we have that subject till 12 too thank you very much!] and an hour before the exam i went out to see my what nerdys are upto and to my surprise they were cramming that ruddy sheet

Snobo-hey dude what;s dis sheet in ur hand??? dunn temme..??
geetika-arey hum padh rahe hai,meghna hum sab ko padha rahi hai...dunn be stupid hamara exam hai ..,,tune kuch padha??
snobo[loss-for-words-] umm kinda bt im not writing any shit like gonna write what i feel strongly...i cant bloody cram this shit if i dunn think thats me ...for an instance let me have low self esteem...for an atheist like me its ok
geetika- pagal hai kya......acha mai padh rahi hu ..dont disturb me
snobo-duh! right...muje bhooooooooookkkkkkk lagi hai.......!!!!!
geetika-shutup break me party hai yaar ....
snobo-i want fooooooooddddddddddddddddd ......!!!!!!!

finally after eating like pigs in our singles day cum last day party we sat to write our exam....few minutes before I.F. was like asking me to kee farra's
I.F.- dekh yaar if anything in the exam sounds like SPIRITUALITY im flunking it yaar u knw man,,
snobo-err i thot im sitting wid the gal who is named I>F> cuz it stands for intellectual friend..

anyways we got our question paper[and i supported no farra campaign] it was lik

q>1- Many people fail to achieve thier goal in life because of lack of desire ,direction,dedication and discipline.Write your opinion about it.[10]
q>2-We all know the story of david and goliath.
there was a giant who was bullying and harrasing the children in the village .One day a 17 year-old shepherd boy came to visit his brother and asked,"why dont you stand up and fight the giant ???.the brothers were terrified and they replied ,"dont you see he is too big to hit?".but david said ,"no, he is too big to hit ,to big to miss".
The rest is istory .we all know what happened .david kiled the giant with the sling .Same giant,different perception.
After reading this story ,what will be your prospective towards it.Will you take it as stepping stone or a stumbling block .explain in 100 words [10]
q>3-Make a list of things you would like to change about yourself [10]
q>4-elaborate the point,"no One can make me feel inferior without my permission".[10]
q>5- what do you understand by moral consciousness? write the three stages in the development of moral consciousness
How can you attain dynamic spiritual fulfillment in life? [10]

Ummm i think u are in shock by adieu..

and the best part..people actually kept farras for te value -ed thing!

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  1. EUREKA...........

  2. V.E. Haay Haaye....Hamaari Maange Poori Karo...Ham Sabko Apple Iphone do...Colo....[forget it...*censored*]..

  3. oh my freakin gawwd...tats lyk torture on u poor ur princy sure needs sum reality check!

  4. @ amanat--> its not up to sr principal to do something about it....its the education system...she is just doing her job..what shes suppose to do....not her fault in the first place...look at the subject environmental education...its very important that's what i feel...The supreme court made it compoulsory till 12 grade but think of it how many skewls r implementing it..?? its gud they r doing bad cuz its nt in dere hand to basically skewl is working but the system is darned..


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