Saturday, February 02, 2008

As always I'm absolutely clueless where to begin...Should i say that my mom is constantly telling that my cheeks are dry and guests at my place suggesting to put vaseline [right now when i went to taste grilled mushroom] or should i say sizzling pink nail paint looks good and def better than smudgy black one and ironing your hair with press at home bloody ruins it [and PLEASE stop doing that for Rohan Kale's sake!]..Yes all these IMPORTANT things in life are way better than whining o'er Business Studies syllabus cuz hey i know people study while taking couple of days off before skewl farewell cuz you get soo many free periods that you almost plan to join well err whatever..The point here is....yes i hangover for farewell should be over by now...and i have to accept that I'm not ruling over poor 37 creatures anymore as director for the play or by giving the starting speech and being emcee of the function doesnt make me get lets not go till there..its another topic..My Crush..[sigh]

So the idea for the gifts to be given was slogan tee's..yes i am a complete sucker when it comes to slogan tee's but it would certainly be posh to wear your skewl on sleeve[voila!]..we'll talk about its details maybe sometimes yes it was Yuck!! i have no words to describe the horrendicity of it which i normally dont do since i am a choosy foody but in that context i have to say i have never tasted muck and yesterday i did..More craziness.. a day before farewell i was looking for kohl sparkler all over delhi but in vain....and due to that i wasted all my time on it..finally i went to 24/7 at 11:30 pm with my mom[omg i know she was mad on me] to the colorbar counter and demanded a sales girl to help me out but the guy was like these things are to be purchased in the morning and not at this time..[like i had no clue it is objectionable to purchase lip glosses at night!]so i snapped back that they should probably shut that place and hibernate in timbucktoo[no not that but yes i did reply] so finally i came out with a perfect "arabian Night " gloss for my "D" Day thing and even purchased a shocking pink nail paint.....which was murdered by my Pally's !! ugghhh!!!!

Lessons Learnt- Never ever rely on skewl food and always carry McD's helpline number in your never know in which crisis you may land...always shop for your cosmetics and things keeping time in your hand and never i repeat NEVER get manipulated by your tomboy gal pally's to help you out with your wand applicator gloss.......dont do it!!!! run as fast as possible from there sight!

Shopping was never so much fun but with 3 malls coming up in saket they become your new home!!! I clearly remember the first time i went to Select City walk and Boy! i have never seen so amny shopping options[good ones] with KFC under one roof......i was ecstatic however this time it was a pain.....i always lived,ate,bathe,dreamt,fantasize about CK jeans and my dream come true....i went to shop last saturday with my mom,my sis and grandpa...[well phew cuz dad was in china!] and i bloody swear i hate Mango,espirit,UCB,levis,tommy hilfiger etc for two main reasons.first the stuff they offered was crap [who on earth would wear boot cut jeans from mango this season??] and cuz omg CK was more than amazing...i shopped ewwhh umm ok worth 11 grands but i swear that layered tee and skinny jeans were absolutely worth it!

lessons learnt- dont wait for half an hour outside trial room instead scream about bombs'll thank me...and never eat a zinger before going to tommy hilfiger cuz that denim dress wunt fit you[Sobs hysterically]...

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  1. ugghhh, well .kkkkkkkk so it goes like dis.......
    oh boy watever ,i"m sittin vid dis blog 4 d past n mins & it seems harder dan cyanide one[by d way ma only reason 2 skip dat was coz i 'm xtremely srry but i seriously cannot go thru band histories].

    i still havent bin abl 2 figure out as 2 y did u waste so much of ur blog space in gloss & kohl.itzz a bit 22 complicated 4 me so finally all i can say is-


  2. Can u tell me the to upload pix in the comments so that i can upload ur pikchure when peeps r putting kohl in ur eyes in our class..


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