Sweet Escape

Monday, January 14, 2008

Dont know what is up with me....i want to escape with everthing done previously in life...Just get over and renew like bills of exchange.....Just want to study hard and get in Hindu in english hons......then get into a good P.G. course...finishing that....joining my dream workplace Hindustan Times or NDTV 24/7 as a journo....know this sounds like a cliched distant dream...specially with me still stuck on this phase but with a 95 something in 12 board i really consider getting in D.U. because now in this end it surely matters!!!

Well dont really have anything in my mind going on these days apart from a good score in finals which is only four weeks away....and surely like a second to Nicholas Flamel....
My blogs still dont make any sense but i am trying really hard to figure out why am i on this rage of deleting all old blogs..
And if any of you can come up with a suggestion how do i fit an 8 hr schedule in timetable apart frm 7 hrs in school, 2 in tuitions,7 for sleep,and 3 for leisure...please feel free to contact through blog...i'd be really indebted to you...
because unless is study for 8 hrs without any distraction i am not scoring 90 even in my dreams.....and without that i'm not even worth mopping Brutus's floor...

Good Night!

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