Thursday, January 10, 2008

Without boring any of netizens with my intellectual intro's i'll start...

I personally feel everyone of us should invest in the best quality things in life which almost cost negligible[not all but again!]
So the plus points in doing them ..well you get to be real person after all..and even without it your life wont be bad...afterall it'll be i suggest few of my personal i think without them my existence would have been umm next to it was a few years back.....
{there's no priority..just mentioning in the order i feel i remember}
1* A whats in word..let me just clear this to all of you who've come across this term for the first time[there's no politer way of putting that for dunderheads..??like is it there then contact me through my blog i will get back to you..ok?] yess BEST FRIEND FOREVER is someone who's always there for even if you think Rohan kale [no offences]{peace love respect} is epitome of Hauteness or platform heels which you wore for farewell...i mean she's one soul on earth who's ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS there for you no matter world war has starts...she pacifies you,calms you,explains it to you how Vinncent Crabbe is Better than Gregory Goyle and how nucleus is a part of atomicity or whatever...SHE IS ALWAYS GONNA BE THERE FOR in short this one is a must have...and I am proud to say My BFF is most amazing person on earth.
now i no there is nothing more comfy than a pair of shorts in summers or how convenient it is to roam around in sweat pants in winters but think of many times do you end up going to loo groaning and changing into your clung fit levis or Ck's ?? huh ..,, 9 out of times times you'll end up dOinG that..Save yourself the pain..Besides who would like to be spotted in sucha manner on any corner of can in a way call JEANS your second BFF with a little difference that it wont reply...and as Calvins say..Nothing Comes Between me and my CK's!
3* Humour..
Setup...the most happening party in town...Lets say Conti...and venue is like sooo really cool....umm MOS.dress :perfect..Makeup:in Place...Jimmy choos:hallelujah!
omg there is no problem except dont know any one...{ya knw its impossible but your makeup cant be in kohl always smudges and it makes me look like a terrorist :O} so how on earth will people notice sly child like you???
A-Crack a joke about yourself
B-Trip over the guy and break your 20K Jimmy Choos
C-Start SCreaming "Bomb!!!!"
D-Carry your Sibling along......

So now you know what to do when you are stuck in something like this....Trust me circumstances were different[OFCOURSE!!!!] but start something funny and y'll see for yourself...
ps- the humuor should make some sense to others.....blogger wont take any responsibility if you crack a funny line which can be offensive or if others dont get the hang of what occlumency is all about!
Its one of the most bizzare options in the list...even if you croon worse than himesh..or people consider you next big thing after anuuuuuuuu mMaAAAlIII!!!!kkkkkk then also has its own never know when you are spotted by'll actually want to thank me in future....but its ok....!!
hint- try singing Baby one more time in class room while english class is going on and you'll know i wasnt wrong here!!!! i always do!!!!]
people might also want you to sing while they will play musical chairs in class without music and you can turn out be next beyonce or enrique....try once!!!
5* Reading..
this is specifically for somebody particular who thinks any one who reads is the biggest i dunno jerk in life or somethink...i think otherwise....its always like a boon to read it your lil bro's math book or leela aunt's daughters boyfriend's pets diary or'll end up knowing something more...def better and a topic to initiate with maybe ...your crush under the sun..and trust me it will be beneficial in writing stuff like C.V.'s,blogs and much more!!!!

and I'm sure you have gained something out of ths piece too??

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  1. Honestly speaking, the BESTEST BLOGGER ive ever come across.
    Life like narration is what i like best about Aniesha. Gives away so much about whats going on in her brain(which slogs over time) and also reflects the purity of her heart with so much of mischief surrounding it.

    I really hope that you take up this talent of your's seriously. With skills like these you are destined to make it BIG.

    However, a little more sunshine would be even more appreciated in your work:)

    Kudos pal!!!

    keep up the good work:)

  2. [bowing down] Thank you people!! i would like to uhh huh its like omg i dunno i'm so overwhelmed,,[*getting over the drama*]
    well i'm tryng to be Rihanna..[little miss sunshine!]
    yes finally somebody thinks i'm worth journo stuff!!
    ps- ya knw if ya evr have yur media house...gimme a job dere from wich i'm able to afford my Jimmy Choos for the conti or evn Pepe jeans after gtng my ration for the month!


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